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Hi-quality guided tours of Italy with Blue Tours! Blue Tours are not just tours, but the most fun, exciting, and exclusive explorations of Italy!

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Guided tours and excursions all over Italy: Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Capri, Milan, Venice, Sicily


Why choose our guided tours

See Italy on your terms with Blue Tours!

We specialize in customizing private sightseeing tours according to your wishes. Your unique needs and wishes are the starting point of every one of our tours.

Private top-rated English speaking guides.

Your private guide is there to answer only your questions, and there is no need to compete with a large group of tourists to see and hear him/her. Our team of guides are top-rated on Trip Advisor, Yelp and other specialised reviews sites!

Save time, money and energy

Maximize your time in Italy with our services. Your tour group will include just you, your family, and friends. You don’t need to waste time traveling to and seeing sights which don’t interest you. We will adjust our schedule according to yours and make sure to engage and inspire you!

What people say about us

  • Blue Tours was the experience of a lifetime. I was subject to a more in depth experience of the country, being shown the inner streets and underground sites of Italy. We saw things not many normal tours would include, such as the tombs that date back to ancient times. The tour guides themselves are kind and patient, as I never felt that the tour was rushed at any time. The experience overall is a relaxing, interesting, and exciting one, and I definitely highly recommend it to any world traveller interesting in taking in Italy in the fullest way possible.

    Zeyad P.,Blacksburg, Virginia

  • During our recent trip to Italy, my family had the pleasure of taking a walking tour of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our guide was super-friendly, knew lots of tantalizing trivia about the history, and made something potentially dry and boring for young children a truly exciting event. He even played a little educational game along the way, and my kids can still spout off tasty tidbits they learned from him. The best part of Mamma Mia's Tours is that we never felt rushed like we have on group tours in the past. From the start to the finish, we were able to take in the historic sites at our own pace and even linger a bit at the spots we liked best. I highly recommend these private tours and wouldn't hesitate to try another if we ever return to Italy again.

    Elan K.,Hot Springs, Arkansas

Meet our Team of Guides

  • Bruno Rome & the Vatican

    You can read hundreds of raving reviews online about me and my great tours. I love Ancient Rome and Italian Food!

  • Lello Pompeii & Naples

    Not many people in the world know Pompeii and the surrounding area as I do. You can easily find great feedback about my tours online!

  • Michele Capri & Amalfi Coast

    I will take you by hand to explore my beautiful land. My itineraries are rich, relaxed and unique!