Private Tour of the Roman Jewish Ghetto

Guided Tour of the Jewish Ghetto in Rome

What makes this tour unique

You will learn the story of the Jewish community in Rome, visit the Sinagogue but also other imprtant archaelogical sites such as the Marcellus Theatre and the Octavia Portico.

Duration: 3 Hours
Schedule: Everyday
Top-rated guide: Professional, licensed, and experienced English-speaking guide

Itinerary Description

The Jewish Ghetto is a lively, enchanting neighborhood, that for centuries was the site of both relentless persecution and the undying pride and solidarity of a tight-knit community.

Join our a fascinating tour of the Jewish Ghetto of Rome with visits to the Sinagogue, Octavia's Portico, Marcellus' Theatre, and the Tiberine Island. The gated area was built in 1555 on the banks of the Tiber River and the Jewish people in Rome were forced to live within these guarded walls for more than 300 years, between the Counter-Reformation on the 16th century and Italian unification on the 19th century.

Now a lively quarter with many restaurants and shops, most of the old ghetto was torn down, but you can still find plenty of treasured stories and monuments from the history of Roman Jews.

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