Private Colosseum and Ancient Rome Tour

Guided Tour of the Colosseum, Forum and Emperors' Palace

What makes this tour unique

You will have an experienced private guide with whom you’ll visit the inside of the Colosseum, the Emperor's Palace and the Forum. Our exclusive tour also takes you to the Capitol hill and the Emperors' Palace.

Duration: 3 Hours
No-lines Policy: Exclusive skip-the-line entrance with no waiting on the queues for the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill!
Schedule: Everyday
Top-rated guide: Professional, licensed, and experienced English-speaking guide

Itinerary Description

The ancient stones of Colosseum and the Roman Forum will come to life as you walk through almost 3000 years of history. Unlike other tour operators, we will also take you to the Emperors' Palace and the Capitol Hill.

With our private walking tour you will visit the Colosseum from the inside where you can almost hear the gladiators and 100 lions roar “Let the games begin”. You can picture the stories of blood and guts of the gladiatorial games that went on for almost 500 years.

Our tour guides will share their exciting stories about how the Roman Empire was founded, they’ll take you on a path travelling back in time 2,000 years to follow the footsteps of legends, such as Julius Caesar, Marc Antony and Cleopatra.

The main temples and basilicas will come to life as your guide will demonstrate the magnificence and glory of what was the "Caput Mundi" - the centre of the Roman Empire and the known civilized world. Our Ancient Rome tour will give you a special focus on how people were living back then with a virtual reconstruction of the builings and the shows. You will also visit the magnificent Capitol Square with the statue of Marcus Aurelius, the Senate, and walk through the Tryumphal Arches as the Caesars did after victories and conquests.

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