Florence in One Day

Private Guided Full-day Tour of Florence

What makes this tour unique

The perfect full-day itinerary to help you discover the treasures of Florence! Remove the headache of planning your visit, and let our expert guides lead you through the highlights of the city of Renaissance.

The tour includes all the major sights of the city, plus the two most important museums, where amongst others, you get to see the famous original David by Michelangelo! Have a stress free and art-filled day!

Duration: 7 Hours
Suggestion: The right tour for people that spend only one or two days in Florence and want to see as much as they can.
Schedule: Everyday
Top-rated guide: Professional, licensed, and experienced English-speaking guide

Itinerary Description

You only have a limited time in Florence? The city of Renaissance has many wonders to offer you, but use your precious time wisely and let us guide you through the highlights!

Your day will start with a visit to the Unesco world heritage sites of the historical center, with the Duomo, the Baptistry with its bronze doors, and Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Campanile. The tour continues to the church of Santa Croce that can be daunting with its gloomy history: many famous Italians, such as Galileo, Michelangelo, and Machiavelli are buried there!

You will be dropping a coin into the Porcellino fountain by the leather market, admiring the Arno river from the oldest bridge of Florence, the Ponte Vecchio, and taking memorable photos of the countless statues of the Piazza Signoria.

On our full-day tour of Florence you will also get to see amazing artwork collections of the two most famous Florentine museums: the Accademia and the Uffizi Galleries.

The original David by Michelangelo has been displayed at the Accademia Galleria since 1873. Both museums are favorites to tourists, with waiting times as long as four hours! So book with us, save precious time and skip those lines!

Our full-day itinerary of Florence is the best way to ensure you get to feel and see Florence in a profound unforgettable way, all in just one day! And since it’s a private tour, we can easily modify the description, add and remove sights, and concentrate on things that are important to you!

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