Underground Rome Private Tour

Guided Tour of the Undergrounds of Rome

What makes this tour unique

This is the only tour of Rome that takes you to all of the most important subterranean areas of Rome: The Cappuccini Crypt, the Catacombs and the Church of Saint Clemens.

Duration: 3 Hours
Schedule: Everyday
Top-rated guide: Professional, licensed, and experienced English-speaking guide

Itinerary Description

Ready to be taken on a discovery journey peeling back layers of history of the Eternal City? Underground burial chambers, long winding catacombs, and crypts are the foundation of the imperial Rome and its early Christian history. Go below and beyond to a time when Christianity was a forbidden cult whose members were executed as pagans and buried as martyrs.

Your private expert tour guide will first take you to the Cappuccini Crypt by Piazza Barberini. The crypt is famous for the skeletal remains of 3,700 bodies believed to be Capuchin friars buried by their order, a silent reminder of the swift passage of life on Earth and our own mortality.

From Piazza Barberini you will reach the ancient Christian underground burials called "Catacombs": you will visit one of the largest and most important in Rome.

The third stop on our exclusive tour is the Church of Saint Clemens. It has an interesting and long history, being built over an ancient 4th century church, which was built over an even older Roman house containing Christian artifacts and a pagan temple -- with ruins reaching as deep as 57 feet!

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